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Enterprise Program Management

Reporting & Messaging

Your Program Insight....Less Time Spent Chasing Reports


Reporting demands aren't going way.  In fact, they're increasing.  Business Managers and Program Managers find immediate, real-time access to program information that can be leveraged into a variety of custom reports and views.  The time you used to spend gathering data and after-the-fact reports can now be redirected to analysis and forward-looking plans.

  • Summary-Level Data: Captures progress towards program objectives from a top-level perspective.
  • Transaction Details: Provides insight into daily journal transactions and related outcomes.
  • Standards Compliant: Meets industry standards and AT&L standard processes for reporting.
  • Customized Views: Adapts information to meet the needs of the unique audiences you report to on a regular basis.


PMADS EventCast™ is the engine that drives real-time updates across the entire enterprise. Automatic updates keep the entire team moving forward.
Users are able to subscribe to receive automatic messages to their desktops and wireless handheld devices when key events occur.

PMADS EventCast™ alerts are classified into three categories:

  • Notification Events - Notify users of completed actions.
  • Performance Events - Notify users whenever an actual or projected threshold or milestone is missed or crossed.
  • Operational Events - Notify users whenever a specific transaction or activity in day-to-day operations requires action.