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Enterprise Program Management

Contract Requirements Package

One Platform. Powerful Planning.

Is your requirements  process too much push - pull and not enough purposeful action?  PMADS connects technical staff and contracting personnel on one platform to streamline the requirements and tasking process.  

Collaboration, facilitated by an orderly process flow, results in significant increases in your business process tempo.

The PMADS Requirements Planning Module offers functional staff and contracts managers:

  • One Central Location: A shared platform promotes collaboration between contract personnel and other stakeholders. Everyone has access to the same data.
  • Customized Documentation: Detailed task requirements and supporting documents are developed according to programmatic needs. They serve as the foundation for the contracts office to build the Contract Requirements Package (CRP).
  • Process Flow: Once executed against a contract, your stakeholders have a synchronized view of the Requirement - Plan - Funding - and Work Performed by the contractor.
  • Status Updates: PMADS EventCast(TM) alerts all parties subscribed to updates, thus propelling the collaboration process.