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Enterprise Program Management

Business Processes

The Warfighter depends on your organization to deliver.
Is your acquisition management program equipped to respond?

Today's Program Managers, Business Managers and Technical Personnel are facing more challenges than ever before:

  • Rapid requirements changes
  • Challenging cash flow environments
  • Deadline-driven data calls and program reviews

Ad-hoc processes, tedious process flows and legacy systems cause acquisition bottlenecks. Your organization is charged with delivering on the Mission.  Now more than ever, collaboration and an enterprise approach are essential to viable business operations.  Program Management Automated Data Systems (PMADS) delivers on that promise.

PMADS puts your organization in control of its business operations. It enables a business process to occur in a controlled role-based fashion. Technical and financial priorities are satisfied quickly and efficiently in one collaborative space. Collaboration between business units and synchronization of activities positions the entire program to move forward with increased operational tempo.

PMADS is a business collaboration environment that supports the work of the entire organization. It allows all stakeholders to have role-based access and visibility over the entire life-cycle of a task.

  • Technical Personnel: Submit mission requirements and associated tasks for funding approval.
  • Project Managers: Review task requirements and collaborate with technical personnel; approve or disapprove funding actions
  • Business Managers: Monitor approvals and manage budgeting functions associated with execution plans: funding, obligations, monitoring, contract execution

PMADS delivers flexibility. Users may have multiple roles in the overall business process. PMADS can be configured for your organization's unique needs and process flow. You decide what management controls, visibility and decision-making support you need; PMADS makes it happen.

PMADS EventCast(TM) provides instantaneous updates on program activities. Users subscribe to select business process events and are given electronic notification as activities progress. Actions, approvals, completions and missed milestones are among the available notifications, and each propels the business process forward.

PMADS positions senior executives for forward-looking analysis and planning. PMADS is a real-time, synchronized enterprise platform. Project Managers and Business Managers are able to deliver accurate and timely reports on program activity and milestones. Analysis happens immediately rather than after-the-fact. As a leader, you can adjust plans accordingly. Business activity becomes proactive, and OPTEMPO increases. PMADS aligns your business processes in support of the Mission with a technology-driven enterprise approach.