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Enterprise Program Management

User Types

Stakeholders in every organization have varying program perspectives based upon their professional role. PMADS delivers programmatics information to stakeholders based on their roles and responsibilities within the organization.  We call these User Perspectives.

  • Mission
  • Financial
  • Contract
  • Project
  • Division

Based on the stakeholder's role in the organization, they may have access to one, or multiple User Perspectives.

  • Engineers have the ability to access information through perspectives such as Mission and Project without regard for the financial resourcing.
  • Contract Specialist can access and view program information from a Contracts perspective.


In short, PMADS makes one complete set of program data available to multiple players in the exact form that they need to fulfill their responsibilities.  PMADS' mission support perspectives seamlessly integrate's the work of the entire team, no matter the organizational role.

  • Management
  • Technical
  • Business
  • OGA Support

The Management Perspective

PMADS provides management and leadership personnel with advanced forward-looking insights into mission support requirements such as contract or OGA sourcing needs and status. PMADS alerts and informs management through EventCast messaging of business events happening within the system. Approvals/disapprovals of task requirements, plans, and priorities give management leadership  the ability to provide real-time decisions for real-time requirements.

The Technical/Functional Perspective

PMADS provides engineers, program integrators, and other technical support stakeholders with a collaboration platform for identifying, planning, and managing program mission support requirements. They are empowered with real-time access to the synchronized and fully-integrated (cost, technical, schedule) program information.  The Technical User Perspectives arm engineers with the programmatics information related to mission support task they are responsible for managing.

The Business Perspective

Business User Perspectives support long-range out-year requirements management planning as well as current-year day-to-day business management of contract and financial management activities.

Standardized, as well as Ad-Hoc, reporting capabilities transform yesterday's labor-intensive data collection and reporting exercises into a streamlined action.

The OGA Support Perspective

Governmental support agencies that need to provide key insights into their support requirements can be given access to provide their requirements directly into the system for reviews/approvals/disapprovals collaboration by your management and in-house stakeholders. Organizational time-savings and accurate requirements planning are realized.