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Enterprise Program Management

Technical Overview

The Program Management Automated Data Systems (PMADS) platform consists of the following:

  • PMADS Web Application (PMADS)
  • PMADS Reporter
  • PMADS Database
  • PMADS Web Service

PMADS and PMADS Reporter are web browser agnostic and operate as 100% server side web applications. They feature fast performance and low network bandwidth requirements to operate.

The PMADS Database is a relational database engine.

PMADS Web Service provides a modern data integration capability with other 3rd party applications and data sources. Its XML architecture serves up data for interaction with other applications or databases that can benefit from having fast and efficient access to integrated program management information.

GFEBS: Enhance Performance with PMADS

  • GFEBS: What is it?

    The General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) is an Army financial asset management and accounting tool used by the Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve to standardize business processes.  Over 52,000 end users in 227 locations use GFEBS to manage army acquisition, finances and contracts.  GFEBS replaced the Standard Finance System (STANFINS) and the Standard Operations and Maintenance Army Research and Development System (SOMARDS).

  • GFEBS: Why is it Important?

    Army Leadership sought greater visibility of operational and contracting activities at all levels in the organization.  They wanted the ability to maintain accurate cost data and to improve forecasting.  GFEBS was designed to evolve the Army from a spending culture to position of pro-active cost management.

  • PMADS: Added Value for GFEBS

    PMADS enhances and clarifies GFEBS transactions and reports by providing a completely centralized and synchronized data set to every user throughout the cradle-to-grave acquisition process.


    PMADS helps GFEBS bring more value to the table for program managers and the entire workforce.

    • Value: PMADS accounts for Direct Charge Funds across both spending and receiving organizations.
    • Value: PMADS automatically tracks every funding document associated with GFEBS WBS.  Documents are tracked to the correct Direct Charge every time.
    • Value: PMADS displays accurate financial data without having to run multiple reports.  Gain real time reports of all committed/obligated moneys without having to run multiple reports.
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