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Enterprise Program Management


Real-Time Business Information. Ready When You Are.

Analysts and Program Managers want to know:

  • Where are we going?
  • Where have we been?

Collecting the right information for a meaningful analysis shouldn't be an enormous task. PMADS makes it possible to gather more information in one centralized location with fewer requests and no redundant activities.

Comprehensive program analytics are available to all of the players, and the information takes the form that you need for your individual activities. It's ready all the time, and all in one place.

PMADS streamlines total life-cycle and cradle-to-grave analysis for business intelligence analysts and program managers alike.

  • Real Time Business Information: Synchronization of all program activities, actions and approvals means you have accurate and timely information.
  • Cross-Functional Analysis: Evaluate program requirements, plans and budgets on one central platform.
  • Management-by-Exception Views: When issues arise, you have access to tools to address program plan balances, unfunded requirements, unliquidated obligations and funding goals.