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Enterprise Program Management

Benefits & Features

PMADS is an enterprise program management system that enables streamlined planning, communication and collaboration across all stakeholders in the acquisition management life-cycle.  No matter your role, you'll find tools for managing requirements from conception through contract award to financial execution.


  • Provides Senior Executives and Program Managers with forward-looking situational awareness
  • Increases Operational Tempo, Management Controls and Staff Efficiencies
  • Empowers functional and technical personnel to drive acquisition support requirements.
  • Provides an organized and accessible system record of all programmatic information and documentation.


  • Stakeholder Management: Integrated, role-based capabilities allow users to access a centralized collaboration point to develop and manage requirements, task plans, contract actions and budgets.
  • EventCast(TM): Real-time participation, monitoring and response through electronic notifications of key activities.  Positions the organization for streamlined day-to-day program coordination, decision-making and reporting.
  • System Record: Provides a comprehensive integrated system containing your programmatics information - all completely integrated and synchronized.
  • Training, Support & Service: A low-impact, phased approach to implementation allows for complete customization,  training, documentation and on-going support.