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Enterprise Program Management


PMADS is a program management business system designed to create operational efficiencies in orginaztional business operations and acquisition management.  PMADS offers requirements life-cycle management from conception through contract award and financial execution.

What  PMADS is:

  • A business collaboration environment
  • An enterprise planning system that improves information flow, streamlines business processes and reduces overhead operational costs.
  • A platform for connecting workers, program managers and senior executives


  • Powers integrated business operations and processes
  • Improves management of day-to-day budgeting and planning activities
  • Enables Lean Six Sigma practices to be implemented
  • Aligns all acquisition management activities in support of the Mission

PMADS software and implementation services are built upon industry standards and commercial best practices.

What PMADS isn't:

  • An accounting system
  • A portal tool
  • A dashboard