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Enterprise Program Management

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  • Program Coordination
  • Improved Communications
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PMADS facilitates your organization's in their day-to-day collaboration for all Programming, Planning, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) activities among stakeholders across the organization.

As a collaborative enterprise program management platform, PMADS permits stakeholders with varying program perspectives (budget, contracts, technical, logistics, etc...) to all be served with the program information they need, in the form they need it, and exactly when they need it.


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PMADS allows users across the entire organization to subscribe to select business events, and it provides electronic notification when they occur.

Mission support requirement approvals, funding requests, contract obligations, approved program plans, etc...

Customize your updates according to your role in the organization.
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PMADS enables organizations to increase operating efficiencies and to achieve timely decision-making. Enterprise-wide forward-looking situational awareness grows as all analysis and reporting occur in real time and are shared with all stakeholders.

When you spend less time looking for updates that occurred in the past, you have more power to manage looking forward.

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